Why More Indians Are Buying Online Than Ever?

Why More Indians Are Buying Online Than Ever?

A majority of Indians who shop online consider the online buying experience to be better than shopping at a store and a large number of Indians are today buying online. This doesn’t mean that Indians have suddenly given up shopping at brick and mortar store; in fact, most Indians still very much value the traditional shopping experience. But what is clear is that increasingly large numbers are going online and look for the best Clothing Coupons India, Foodpanda Coupons , Paytm Recharge Coupons India and Clovia Coupons India, amongst other things.


And how do they shop online? From their smartphones, of course. There were 140 million smartphone users in India in 2014, and this number is expected to go up to 651 million by 2019. Mobile is integral to how people shop online in India and every major e-commerce company in India has a comprehensive mobile strategy in place.

According to another major survey conducted by the firm Dyn, it was found that 52 percent of consumers in India find the online experience to be more satisfying than an in-store experience. Even so, what is clear is that traditional shops aren’t going anywhere soon, because the same survey found that 42 percent of consumers in India still found shopping at in-stores to be better than at online stores. Surprisingly, while mobile shopping is widely popular, only 3 percent said that they preferred it to shopping from a desktop computer.

This is not a surprise because roughly the same numbers hold true in other big countries such as China and the United States. In the US, 40.5 percent still prefer shopping at traditional stores, 38 percent like to shop online and only 5 percent prefer mobile shopping.

But it is quite clear that online shopping is on the ascendency. 89 percent of those surveyed in India said they would buy more at online stores in 2015 than they did in the year 2014. In the US, only 47 percent felt more confident about buying more online in 2015. Ostensibly, the consumer confidence in India is at a high and people are eager to spend, eager to buy.

What’s also clear is that a lot of Indians are considering making a purchase from their mobile phones if they haven’t already – 85%. Today, 13 percent of all e-commerce transactions in India are by mobile, up from 5 percent in 2013.

As a report from PwC put it, “According to some industry players, over 50% of the orders are being placed through mobile apps, which is not only leading to substantial customer acquisition but also building customer loyalty for various brands. However, most mobile transactions so far are for entertainment, such as booking movie tickets and music downloads. This trend will change soon with more and more merchandise being ordered online.”

What all survey findings prove is that the Indian consumer is maturing very fast and her expectations from online stores are growing as well. Today the Indian consumer expects nothing less than a world class shopping experience.

Sure, challenges still persist in India, such as the fact that only 69 of India’s population have access to broadband and mobile internet. This is the reason why e-commerce hasn’t yet caught as much as it should in India and not yet reached the masses – at least, not entirely.

Vast swathes of India’s population are yet to shop online. This is something that should change fast with the government’s Digital India initiative, which makes internet accessible to a vast majority of the nation’s population, which has been left out.


Why do Indians buy online? For a variety of reasons. Buying online removes the need to navigate the traffic and go to a mall or a store, where parking space is at a premium. There are also many Indians who do not have a vehicle – a car or a two-wheeler. So buying online is the easiest way for them to get what they want, with having to struggle for it. The sheer convenience of shopping online is unbeatable.

Also, when you buy online, the choices before you are a lot more than what you would get in an in-store. There are several excellent discounts and coupon codes available to you which you can use. For example, you will find the best Clothing Coupons India , Food Coupons India , Lingerie Coupons India  and Recharge Coupons India here at www.couponclue.com. So you can get what you want at the cheapest rates and have more money left in the wallet for other great purchases. So, happy shopping!




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