Top 8 place to visit in and around udaipur

Top 10 place to visit in udaipur

1.Lake Pichola

Lake pichola is a manmade lake, created in the year 1362 AD, named after the Picholi village. The lakes around Udaipur were originally created by building dams to meet the drinking water and irrigation needs of the people. it is situated in the heart of the city.The beauty of this lake has not separated anyone to attract towards it. The lake looks more enchanting with its scenic surrounding. The beauty of Lake Pichola attracts people from all over the world.  once, if you see this lake, you would definitely fall in love with it. The mesmerizing beauty of Lake Pichola makes it worth visiting during your visit to Udaipur.


2.City Palace

situated: On the banks of Lake Pichola
Built by: Started by Maharana Udai Singh, completed by his successors
Built in the year: Started in 1559 – till 18th century
Highlights:        Largest palace of Rajasthan
How to reach: One can reach City Palace either by taking local buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis from the city.

Udaipur City Palace is one of the most visited tourist attration of udaipur and often described as the largest palace complex in Rajasthan Rajasthan, located peacefully on the banks of Lake Pichola.. Initially, Maharana Udai Singh built this  wonder, but the present form of the city Palace is the result of subsequent additions by his successors.
3.Lake Fatehsagar

situated: In the north of Lake Pichola & north-west of Udaipur
Built by: Maharana Jai Singh
Built in the year: 1678
Highlights: Beautiful islands
How to reach: One can  reach Fatehsagar Lake either by taking local buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis from the city.

4.Jagdish temple

situated: Inside City Palace Complex
Built by: Maharana Jagat Singh
Built in the year: 1651 A.D
Devoted to: Lord Laxmi Narayan
Highlights: Mesmerizing carvings on pillars
How to reach: One can reach Jagdish Temple from the city by taking local Buses, Rickshaws and Taxis.

Jagdish temple is one of the famous temples of Udaipur. it is situated in the City Palace complex of Udaipur.In 1651, the temple was built by Maharana Jagat Singh, who ruled Udaipur during the year 1628 to 1653. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu (Laxmi Narayan), the preserver of the Universe. It is the largest temple in the city of Udaipur. The idol of lord vishnu is carved out of a single piece of black stone thus a single glimpse of the idol takes the person to the another world to find everything calm.

5.Monsoon Palace

The Monsoon Palace is  also known as the Sajjan Garh Palace, is a hilltop palatial residence in the city of Udaipur. It is named Sajjangarh after maharana Sajjan Singh (1874–1884) of the mewar Dynasty, who built it in 1884. The importance of the fort lies in its unique location to give its visitors a breathtaking and charming  view of the city. Earlier the palace was possessed by the royal family of Mewar but now it is retain and maintained  by the Forest department of Rajasthan Government. The palace consist of a great central court with a staircase, rooms, a massive bronze statue of Maharana Pratap , Fountains, Domes, Marble pillars with floral carvings reflecting the vibrant art and architecture of culture of Rajasthan and royal rooms which are subdivided into Mardana Mahal i.e room  for men, Zanana Mahal i.e room for females, the Diwan-e-Aam i.e hall for public audience,and the Diwan-e-Khaas i.e hall for private audience.

6.Chetak Smarak Udaipur

Chetak Smarak is a memorial built to Rana Pratap’s renowned warhorse Chetak who died after helping the Maharana Pratap  from the Battle of Haldighati. The memorial is said to have been built at the spot that Chetak died. It is located at about 4 km from Nathdwara in the lake district of Rajsamand in Rajasthan.For the history loving people, this place is a complete treasure. For a normal person, there is nothing besides a statue and green surroundings, but for a history loving person, it means much more than just a statue, it means pride and honor. This memorial has an old museum dedicated to the Haldighati Battle. This outstanding statue has also been picturized for various Bollywood movies. For photographers, this is a great place to be envisioned. From the comfortable height of the hill, some of the best pictures of Udaipur city can be clicked.

7.Sas Bahu Temple

Location:       At a distance of 23 kms in North-west of Udaipur, Rajasthan
Founded by: Nagaditya
Founded in: 6th century
Highlights: Sas- Bahu Temple
How to reach: One can  reach Nagda either by taking regular buses or by hiring Taxis from Udaipur city

The Sas-Bahu Temple is located at a distance of 23 km from Udaipur, on National Highway 8 in Nagda town.the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is made of two structures, one by sas i.e mother-in-law and another, by a bahu i.e daughter-in-law. .For the history loving people, this place is a complete treasure.
opening time for saas bahu temple is 5:00am-12:00pm and from4:00pm-9:00pm. The temple is  listed on the Archaeological Survey of India’s list of heritage monuments.

8.Kumbhalgarh Fort

Built during the course of the 15th century by maharana kumbha. One of the specialties of the fort is that it is the birthplace of the famous warrior and King of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. The fort is protected and surrounded by a thick wall of app. 15 kms long. This is the second longest wall in the world after The Great Wall of China. Kumbhalgarh Fort is not to be missed on your tour. Every evening at 6:45pm there is a light and sound show at the kumbhalgarh fort. The ticket for the show is Rs 75 for the 45 minute show. The show is all about the history of the fort with light, sound and music. The lighting effect is eyecatching. After the show the whole fort is illuminated for an hour.this place is not to be missed during your tour to udaipur.

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