Paytm october offer zone-2015

Paytm october offer zone-2015

Find latest october paytm coupon codes 2015

  1. Women’s Footwear Paytm coupons

paytm women bellies couponsWomen Bellies  Offer : Get up to 40% cashback on wide range of women bellies

paytm sports shoes offers


Sneakers and sports shoes : Save up to 60% on sneakers and sports shoes

paytm women sneakers offer
Women sandals snd sneakers : Save up to 45% on women sandals and sneakers


women high heels offers

Women High Heels : Save up to 60% on women high heels



2.  Men’s Footwear Paytm Coupons

men sports shoes offers


Men sports shoes : Get up to 30% cashback on puma sports shoes
paytm men casual shoes offers

Men casual shoes : Save up to 50% on wide range of Men casual shoes


redtape casual shoes offers


Men formal shoes : Save up to 40% on Redtape casual shoes

paytm men sandals offers


Men slippers and sandals : Save up to 45% on branded slippers and sandals

paytm lee cooper offers


Lee cooper sandals : Get min 30% cashback on wide range of Lee cooper shoes


paytmmen converse shoes offers

Men Converse Shoes : Get flat 30% cashback on Men converse shoes



3.   Gaming Coupons

paytm games offers


Game coupons : Get flat 10% cashback on new collection of games



4. Home appliances coupons

paytm microwave ovens offers

Microwave Ovens : Save up to Rs.3000 on various companies microwave ovens

paytm television offers


Television coupons : Save up to Rs.10000 on LED televisions

paytm washing machine offers



Washing machine coupons : Save up to Rs.5000 On fully loaded automatic washing machimes


paytm refrigerator offers Refrigerator coupons : Get extra 20% cash back on double door refrigerator

paytm water purifiers offers




Water purifiers coupons : Save extra Rs.2000 On bestselling waterpurifiers


paytm air conditioners offers



Air conditioners coupons : Save up to Rs.10000 On wide collectrion of Ac’s


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