India Travel Ideas and Tips

India Travel Ideas and Tips

Whether you are a foreign tourist who is visiting India for the first time, or an Indian who wants to travel and visit other parts of the country that you had never seen before, you will find the India Travel Ideas and Tips given here very useful. Let’s begin with tips on how to stay healthy during your India travel.

India Travel Ideas and Tips – Stay Healthy

Make sure to have all the preventive medicines and basic first aid kit you need in your luggage before going on your trip. This way you won’t find it necessary to find a doctor or a medical store in the middle of nowhere.

Carry a water bottle with you, always. Never drink water in hotels or restaurants or in railway stations as there is no way to be sure that they are safe.  Buy bottled water from a reliable company such as Bisleri or Yes!

Avoid bottled sodas and juice, as they could have been contaminated. Always be sure to have only boiled or fried foods if you feel like having street food – to avoid suffering from diarrhoea or other types of food poisoning.

India Travel Ideas and Tips – Be Safe

Keep your travel documents such as IDs, passport, etc. close to you. Never leave them behind in the luggage.

If you want to make an intra-country or international call, use the STS (Station-to-Station) phone booths in railway stations, airports or bus stations. These services are far cheaper than calling from a hotel.

If you need to take a bathroom break when you are on the road, look for a clean hotel, shopping mall or a coffee shop such as Coffee Cafe Day. The washrooms in these outlets are far cleaner than elsewhere.

Never hand out money to beggars, because you may get robbed when removing your purse or wallet. Also, if you pay money to one beggar, there will be a dozen more who will surround you.

India Travel Ideas and Tips – Travelling Tips

Be aware that trains and buses in India can get overcrowded and you can get pushed around – although that is unintentional. If you are a woman, you should be doubly careful as there are some vagabonds in public transport in India who jostle or push at women intentionally. Find yourself a seat in a woman’s compartment or sit in front of the bus as close to the driver as possible.

Always keep your luggage with you and don’t put it on top of the bus when travelling – there is always a risk that it can get stolen. Only carry as much luggage as you can carry yourself. As far as possible avoid hiring porters.

When you call a taxi or an auto-rickshaw, look at the meter as you get into the vehicle. Make sure it is at the lowest rate. Negotiate prices before getting into the vehicle, not after you reach your destination.

If travelling by flight, confirm your return flight ticket two days in advance to avoid getting bumped off at the last minute.

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