Freedom 251: Most affordable, but certainly not the ideal Smartphone for the masses

Freedom 251: Most affordable, but certainly not the ideal Smartphone for the masses

Freedom 251: Most affordable, but certainly not the ideal Smartphone for the masses

How cheap a Smartphone can get? With time, the price of entry level smartphones, especially those running on Android is getting lower. However, if you think the brands like Intex, Micromax or Lava have produced cheapest Smartphone of the world, you are far from the truth. That credit goes to a Noida based venture called Ringing Bells. The company has brought the apparently most affordable Smartphone of the world to the mass. Named Freedom 251, the Smartphone costs a ridiculously low INR251 and as expected, it has been making sensation in all circles since its unveiling.

Nuances of the Freedom 251

On first look, it resembles the Apple iPhone, but the similarity is only in appearance.It runs a modified build of Android 5.1 (Lollipop) OS. Ringing Bells has made some interesting and nice interface customizations. The icons for browser and email resemble that of the iPhone. The well-known Android app drawer is also part of the phone’s features. Adding widgets to the home screen, takes just a tap of your finger. It is likely to be equipped with apps made by the Government like women safety app.

The USP: A new home button

In the Freedom 251, the familiar three buttons of Android handsets is missing. All you get is a new circular home button which is used for various purposes. Based on the number of pressesmade, it can take you to different screens.

Average build

The Freedom 251 has a compact build, but it is not robust by any means. The plastic used is quite cheap and it does not feel solid enough to last wear and tear. Inside the rear cover, sits a micro-SD card slot, SIM slots and a puny 1,400 mAh battery. There is an Indian national flag imprinted on back cover. Use the device for a few hours and it starts peeling off!

Average hardware

Honestly, what hardware you expect to run inside a Smartphone that costs less than a power bank! The device is equipped with a Spreadtrum SC7731 quad-core CPU chugging along at a speed of 1.3 GHz. It is aided by 1 GB RAM. You get 8 GB internal memory and storage slot.

The lackluster screen and poor battery

The average and dull display of Freedom 251 can be a turn off even for those who have used budget Android phones before. The 4 inch display has a resolution of 800×480 pixels which has poor sunlight legibility. The battery is a big downer. The tiny 1,440 mAh battery can last half of a day at max!

Below average camera

With feature phones you get a better camera than this one! A 3.2 MP rear camera takes blurry and grainy images in broad daylight. Even the front selfie camera is below average.But, at INR 251, what more can you ask for?

Middling performance

The phone is not sluggish as long as you do not push it too hard. The apps crash at times and second SIM slot may not work at all times. The call quality while clear is a bit on the lower side.However, the phone does not heat up much.


With such low end hardware, you cannot expect this device to be an ace performer, isn’t it! It handles regular tasks pretty well, but this is not a phone for multitasking users. The poor camera, dull display and shoddy build quality works against the device. It is the most affordable Smartphone but how it performs in real life remains to be seen!


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