How can i make sales Via Internet

In this guide we analyze what you need to do (and what to avoid) to succeed in selling online. The methodology we propose has been tested and achieved in practice by dozens of our clients. We hope it helps you too!

To be in this article you probably thought about creating eshop to be able to sell online.

In the space you’re concerned about, I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of opinions, from experts and not. “Creating an e-shop is easy and will solve the problem of low sales” or “Internet Sales is Tomorrow” many say. On the other hand you will hear some saying: “I tried it and it is lost money. It’s not worth it. ”

Where exactly is the truth and where is the exaggeration? Is it worth investing in creating eshop?

We could easily say, “Yes it is!” But we have to justify why and especially how you have to create your eshop to be worth the effort you working hard.

4 Myths about creating eshop

As you can find in this article– we invest in your responsible information.

We don’t want you to take a hasty decision based on emotion. We prefer to expose you to all the data that will help you get the right decision for you.

So before we answer your question: “How can I make Internet sales?”, we want to clear up 4 myths about creating an eshop.

Myth #1 – Internet sells everything

Not! The truth is, you can’t sell anything on the internet, especially if it’s a very bad or not useful product. There are many products that cost less than $100 and they are very good, but sometimes they literally suck!

In a physical store-if it sells a bad product-it can be a long time before its customers find out and stop preferring it. On the internet, some bad reviews in social media are enough to permanently destroy your reputation and see your sales reset.

I also often hear people saying: “I want to do internet sales, but I don’t know what to sell.” As in a physical business to sell your product you have to be knowledgeable of its properties and market, the same applies to Internet sales by building an eshop.

The fact that you may not have direct contact with the client does not relieve you of the need to know what you are selling.

So the Internet sells only good products from good sellers.

Myth #2 – Whatever eshop you’ve been is selling

Building aneshop today is easier than ever. You can at a very low cost to find online applications that within a few minutes you will have your own online store. You don’t have to plan or search much. You just have to upload some photos of your products, prices and contact information and you are able to make a sale online.

Now, of course, if you can actually make sales in this way, it’s another matter. Because in practice it is not enough to acquire any eshop. Like it’s not enough to go down with any car in a car race in order to win. “Sport” requires you to have the whole package, including a functional and beautiful eshop.

The online store that makes sales must be easy to find from customers in the chaos called Internet. For this reason it is required to be technically engineered to be search engine friendly (SEO friendly).

Also it is required to provide the visitor with a high quality shopping experience (User Experience).

You want us to tell you the truth?

Prefabricated eshops may have low cost, making them attractive, but they have none of the above elements. And that’s because they’re not fabricated and customized based on your own data and options.

Myth #3 – Internet sales are easy

It would be a lie to tell you that there are magic recipes that boost internet sales. If you believe that creating an e-shop will relieve you of the need to work, I’m sorry, but we won’t tell you you’re right.

Indeed, Internet sales can give you the freedom to choose the place to work and have a relative control of your time. But in no way does that mean selling without working and getting tired. Behind the successful success stories you read, there are people who have invested and continue to invest endless working hours.

Myth #4 – Internet Sales do not need strategy

Nothing is more than the truth as this phrase.

If things were so simple, they would sell all the eshop that exist.

Are they?

No, of course not.

In fact only a small percentage of the E-shop can be characterized very successful. The difference between them and the rest is not in the funds or the corporations that support them. Their success has more to do with the existence and the faithful implementation of a specific strategy.


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